Short Courses

"Short courses are a great way to acquire new skills or to enhance (or refresh) existing skills."

CCGD's short courses are designed to support young people and adults attain the necessary skills in a short period of time. They are practical and gives a hands-on experience within the field of career guidance. They focus on career development across lifespan (birth to retirement).


1. Pure Online: Career and College Readiness Course

- Where do you go now that high school education is over?
- What are your options?
- Do you know these options can help you make informed choices?

Unfortunately, after completion of secondary education, many students struggle to find appropriate post-secondary school options. College, technical institutes and universities bound students many times feel undecided on what to study. Others wish to change while others change several times from what they were admitted to study. Others drop out altogether. Others are unhappy on what they are studying. Another group is unsure on what options exist especially after missing opportunities in tertiary education (college, technical institutes and universities).

But do you know there is no dead end! There are several post high school options you can explore! There is an opportunity to advance for everyone.

Benchmarked on global practices of career guidance, CAREER AND COLLEGE READINESS COURSE: Discover Your Post High School Options will address most of your questions: Is there hope for me? What options are there? How can I get started? How do I get there? Career readiness lessons are well chosen, designed, and presented by experts to make you confident about your options and possibly reduce the above frustrations.


Ajira Poa! Project is a job creation project for the youth. The project is tailored to equip the youth with the market-driven skills required to secure a job or start a business. The youth will be guided to identify their career path. As such CCGD will use vocational inventory tools to help them identify their interests, passions and aspirations so that they can be confident about what career path will be suitable for them. In each pathway the youth will be guided on foundational skills by experienced tutors who will help them connect to the next skills development components of the Ajira Poa Project.

“A winner is someone who recognizes his/her talent, works to develop them into skill, and uses these skills to accomplish his/her goals”. Larry Bird